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Higher Standards = Superior Product

We believe that educated consumers make better decisions and thus offer a few notes before reviewing our product.

When it comes to nutritional supplements, not just Moringa, but literally any nutritional supplement there are 2 main factors you need to consider in addition to price: Vibrancy and Absorbability.


If the product you are buying is not nutritionally vibrant, then it does not matter how cheaply you can get it because you will not achieve the desired results.  There are a great many variables that can affect the vibrancy of a product like Moringa ranging from the farming and harvesting methods to the production, packaging, storage, bottling and shipment.  If any piece of this chain breaks down the vibrancy can be compromised and your supplement rendered worthless.


In the same vein as vibrancy you have absorbability which refers to your body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients of the supplement.  If the powder is not delivered in a manner that your body can absorb, then again, your money is being wasted and your not going to achieve the desired results.  Variables affecting the absorbability range from filler and binding ingredients, to delivery vehicle and processing.   


Price is absolutely a factor, but remember, it is just that, a factor in the overall equation, not the ONLY factor because if its not being absorbed and its not nutritionally vibrant, your literally throwing your money away.

Sure, we could source Moringa from all over the world. There are thousands of companies selling it in bulk from huge holding containers that have been sitting for months or even years destroying the nutritional vibrancy of the plant.  Sadly, this is the product that many companies are packaging and selling off as Moringa Oleifera to make a quick buck.  We take a slightly different approach.

Our Moringa Oleifera is sourced and produced only on farms and from operations that we have personally vetted out.  The processing of Moringa is extremely critical and is often the major breakdown point for nutrition in competitors products and thus we have a strict set of guidelines that we look for in their processing facility.


Finally we make sure that the Moringa we source is fair trade to make sure that the project is sustainable and that everyone along the supply chain is benefitting from their hard work and dedication to the production of this superior product.

The world class Moringa Oleifera products we offer are the result of these strict quality and processing guidelines and we are proud to offer them to you and your family.